What Stops You From Moving Out Of Windows?

“In a world without walls and fences, who needs Gates and Windows?”

For a long time now there has been a struggle to move people away from Windows. I have been part of workshops helping people to embrace open source software and notice the constant struggle with people and how they are glued to the Microsoft World.

People give all kinds of excuses –

1. Their dependence on Microsoft Office

2. Their undying love for Microsoft Outlook

3. Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere, etc won’t work and can’t learn GIMP, DarkTable, Cinelerra, etc the open source counterparts of the Adobe Suite.

4. Linux is difficult to use. When was the last time you tried and people shrug. They don’t realize that installing Linux is any day easier than installing Windows. Most things work out of the box and you hardly have to install any driver. Try to install Windows on to a new laptop using a DVD. Finding the drivers for Windows will be a nightmare of it’s own kind 🙂

So I thought I will compile a post on getting started on using the software they so love on Linux only much faster 🙂

First and foremost –

MS Office

By Original work: Microsoft Corporation This SVG version: AxG at English Wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Microsoft Office 2010 & associated products

I tried the exercise several times with Wine but with PlayOnLinux this is so much easier and nicer. It works like a charm. Most steps on this video will work on any Ubunut/Mint. The same can be tailored for other distros. If you are a newbie recommend you to stick to Ubuntu as you can find a strong community support on the same.

If Play On Linux is not already available you can install it following the instructions at –


OfficeOnLinuxApart from Microsoft Office Suite I was also able to install Safari for testing. It pays to test your website across various browsers.

I managed to install the Adobe PhotoShop also on the same lines. It should be easier if you an official copy of the software. I use GIMP, DarkTable, Cinelerra, etc where possible. If I see the need to use the Adobe Software I try to install on Linux. If not then those nightmarish times I have to boot into a rarely used Windows partition. It will be sometime when you can see powerful media software on Linux. Anyways, most media people are Macbooks so they are well taken care off. It is the rest who still are living in the world of Windows.

Another great way to start is to begin using some of the open source software on your Windows. You will see umpteen resources on the same. Oh! but wait, you are already using Open Source Software (FLOSS) for ages now – Firefox, Google Chrome, VLC, etc. How about using them on the system they perform much better for the same hardware? Here are lists of such Software available for you to explore –

A Basic List – http://www.gnu.org/software/for-windows.en.html

A List of Essentials – http://www.thesimpledollar.com/30-essential-pieces-of-free-and-open-software-for-windows/

A Comprehensive List – http://www.datamation.com/open-source/100-open-source-apps-to-replace-everyday-software-1.html

Recently, I needed to edit a PDF. I was recommended this tool that works on Windows –


I just tried installing it on my Linux box and it worked with no hassles. If the installation fails for some reason another try and it still gets through.

So whether you use Software that works on Windows on Linux or the plethora of Open Software available just make sure you run on an operating system that doesn’t need to be burdened with Anti Virus/Malware Software and such.

The mobile world has already been taken over by Android (a variant of Linux). The desktop world will soon too. Open up, free yourself and broaden your horizons – Why get left behind? 🙂


“We Suck More And That’s Guaranteed” – Microsoft

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