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Troubled By A Hive? Consider Bee Relocators…

By Carly & Art (Wild bee hive) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Was troubled by the number of messages from an apartment complex asking people to keep their doors and windows closed during a beehive clean up.

Troubled by the fate of the poor bees and the many favors they do us, dug up this video from an old mail. This is a traditional Indian method of relocating bees. You can contact Mr Karthik for the same at +919845415807 / +919902295355 for the purpose.

There are people who can vouch for this. This service has been utilized by a few friends successfully. Hoping more people consider this friendly way of relocating bees.

Interestingly, I heard about an IIMB grad who is rearing bees to increase their population. More on that another time 🙂

Another related video, same idea of locating the queen and relocating the swarm of bees 🙂

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