A talk by M P Ramakumar on Actizyme (Effective Microorganisms)

“ACTIZYME can be used safely pretty much anywhere. The enzymes themselves are naturally occurring throughout our ecosystem and even within our own bodies to help breakdown and digest proteins, grease, fats, vegetable matter and so on. Our saliva (Amylase) is one of the first enzymes in our digestive system used to begin the digestive process. Use in DRAINS, GREASE TRAPS, TOILETS (whether septic or sewer), in every area of the home and industry. Showers, kitchens, laundries, waste treatment areas, septic pits or wherever there is a drain that will gradually block up or smells that needs removing. See packs for dosage quantities.” – Source

M P Ramakumar, an environmentalist, who built a house in 40 X 60 ft plot at Sullurpet near Chennai. It is a 100 % ecofriendly house where water, energy, waste and thermal mngmnt has been done. He uses the entire grey water for growing plants (planted filter concept ), rainwater harvesting into my well and borewell, sewage treatment using natural bacteria actyzyme, 3 KW solar system and host of many more things.

In this talk he shares the stories about the success of using Actizyme.

Image Source: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3AAJ…ility_Cuba.JPG





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