Open up, open up!!!

“I wish to change the world but they won’t give me the source code”

– from some T shirt at FOSS @ IISc

Promoting linux/FLOSS has always been a challenge but fortunately it gets easier by the day! 🙂 I have often found similarities between advocating biking against fossil fuel vehicles and linux against windows –

1. It is gonna be tough – “Common give it a try – a matter of getting used to!!!”

2. It’s not friendly enough – “when was the last time u used linux/a bike?” Try the latest ones and u will know what u have missed all along!!!

3. I don’t mind paying the license fee/fuel – “But why pay when u can use it for free. If u run into an issue wear the do it yourself (DIY) hat and if u can’t figure out there is a huge community out there to help you out! 🙂 If you still can’t do it pay for some help but at least u gotta a choice! :)”

4. It looks cool! – “Check out the new distros/brands – cudn’t get any cooler!!!”

Common remarks –

“Switching to linux/biking was tough a few years ago but now…”

“You buy any comp/cycle and then all u need is linux/pedal power – absolutely free!”

“I can only wish that I had switched earlier!”

“Keeps me fit/my mind fit”

“I haven’t known what a virus attack is for long be it flu or melissa. If u do get it u recover in no time!” 😉

Flame wars –
“Merida vs Trek” – “Fedora vs Ubuntu”

“Emacs vs Vi”  – “Road bike Vs Mountain Bike”   => Emacs with viper – Hybrid/Crossway

Communities –

“GNU, Free, OSS, Libre, …” “BOTS, Wheelsports, Decathlon, RAC-F, GGGC, …”

Unfortunate one:

“Fewer chicks on either!!!”

…but the few that are – are darn good! :))

Linux is open and so am I! 🙂


PS1: I have moved to Emacs but I still love all my bikes 😉

PS2: I luv the song open up from nescafe – kind of goes with the mood

DISCLAIMER: I am aware of NESTLE and its misgivings as a corporate and I don’t endorse the products. It’s unfortunate coincidence that I like the song! A blog about that you can find here.

Pic Courtesy – Story of Stuff

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  1. Neat work! i've been postponing switching to open source, maybe this post will push me into it. cheers!

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