California Drought | Nestlé: Unbottle California

There is hardly anything to write here. Story of Stuff has an excellent campaign here. But there is a point to make however…

Everybody knows about the California drought. I found a really nice video on the subject, but not surprisingly, it managed to vanish –   # No longer there on YouTube

Found another video with a bunch of GIFs, so you get the drift –

Are you being asked to give up using water, cut on their usage, etc? Yes and some of it for good reason like – @Lawn_Dude campaigns

Lawn Dude



Or those urging you to save water like this one here. But while we strive to believe in #ThePowerOfOne our counterparts do this!

Can we do something to #StopNestle instead or rather along with the personal change? The likes of Nestle that are taking away the precious water. This might save us a lot more water and resources than all the rest of us put together turning off those dripping taps and taking shorter showers (An Excellent Read).


And hopefully resist #Dumbass ideas like the one below which make excellent #EyeSores