Are you smoking lives away?

Curbing the desire to write profusely on the subject. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well here are a couple of them…

For Guyz:
I thought at least the fact that it causes impotency (statistics proven that semen count reduces) would deter the guyz!!! 🙂 If you have managed to have had kids then u shud know that the passive smoking is really injurious for them n ur wife (esp if she is pregnant). If u love them quitting shud be no difficulty…

For Gals:
Dark lips, discolored teeth and dark circles in under the eye don’t look so cool! 🙂 Need I say more for those beauty conscious damsels out there! The rest of it is only too redundant. Personally, I expect women to be more responsible… 🙂

Will hopefully update with pointers on quitting to help those convinced –

1. Dare to Quit
2. …
3. …

For those with the attitude – “If my smoking bothers you stop breathing” – may the good lord bless you with some wisdom since you have smoked it all away! 🙂

For those with baniya mentality on the economics of the whole thing, here is some insight –

PS: These ads are collected from floating mails. I am hoping this is no breach of copy rights as this has been posted in good will. In any case I am a firm believer of copy left! 😀

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